Training Division

Grant Park Fire District prides itself in bringing a high level of training to our personnel to ensure our firefighters a safe and strong environment. The Training Division works nonstop to ensure that each and every one of our firefighters comes home safe and sound after each alarm.

Our training division is run by Lt. Matt Shronts who works as a paid-on-call/part time member of the department.  Some of the Training Officer’s responsibilities include developing, presenting training programs for fire, rescue and EMS, and documenting all training according to the NFPA 1401 standard and the Office of the State of Illinois Fire Marshal.  

Grant Park Fire District has started using its newly acquired training facility which is capable of providing both classroom and practical settings for our responders to train with, making the training as realistic and beneficial as possible.

All members of the Grant Park Fire District are required to meet minimum standards set forth by the Fire Chief every year to maintain active status with the department.  Duty personnel train daily on various topics throughout the emergency service to maintain their skills.  Along with the duty personnel, paid-on-call members train every Monday night at 1900 hrs to meet all requirements.

Grant Park Fire District partners with a number of agencies when it comes to training our personnel. Some those agencies include:

Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal (OSFM) for a look at the various training certification programs

Illinois Fire Service Institute which is located at the University of
Illinois in Champaign

MABAS Division 7 Training Advisory Board